3 quick steps to creating sales and rental opportunities on Soho

Guide for agents to maximise your sales and rental opportunities

Here are the 3 quick steps we suggest for agents to create the most opportunities with Soho

  1. Start by loading your existing sales/rental properties. You should ensure that you already have signed sales and management agreements with these clients, which outline your commissions on a potential sale or successful tenant application
  2. Reach out to the owners of your current rental properties that you're managing and let them know you're now able to invite potential buyers to their properties. Ensure that you have agreed on your sales commission with the client before representing their property and then add these properties to Soho's marketplace to start receiving offers from the market.
  3. Re-connect with your previous clients who have purchased properties and ask if they would be interested in receiving inbound offers from the market on their properties. Agree on representing their property and your respective commissions, then add these properties to Soho's marketplace.

Don't forget that Soho's marketplace is completely free to use so there are no costs on the agent or owner side to bring a property to the marketplace. If you are the connected agent on a property, any inbound leads or offers will be sent directly to you so you can manage them in the best way.



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