How to assign an 'Unassigned' property to your Client

Guide on how to assign an Owner once you've created a property as an Agent

After creating a property that you're managing on behalf of an owner, if you haven't added the owner this property will be added to the 'Unassigned' portfolio in your Manager view.

To assign an owner and move the property to a specific portfolio for their property, follow the below steps

  • Select 'Manage' on the navigation bar
  • Tap on 'Agent' and select the 'Unassigned' portfolio from the list
  • Choose the property you want to assign to an owner
  • Now tap on the 'Connections' tab and press the 'Add Connection' button
  • Enter your client's details (name and email) and press confirm

Your invite will now be sent to the owner to create their account and connect to the property. Once connected you can easily chat, share files, access Soho's marketplace and discuss everything you need to all within the app.



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